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These stage curtains for Agder Prisons two departments, Mandal and Froland, are a work by Ann Cathrin November Høibo. Høibo is known for her small and large tapestry works with an improvisational approach. She is not planning or sketching out her tapestries but rather adopting the individualism of the traditional work method. For the commission at Agder fengsel Høibo designed a stage curtain based on the polyptych tapestry "Hvis verden spør, så er svaret nei” from 2020. In the original handwoven tapestry she worked with various materials like wool, cotton, rayon and tulle. For the production on a jacquard loom, the weaving was photographically reproduced and digitally redesigned on the large panoramic layout. The variety of materials was imitated by using only wool and unleashes a multilayered work with manifold levels of weaving patterns.